Meet us at Lux Dag för Dag


Creative manager

Henrik Norström, 55 years old, is our experienced creative leader. He loves hunting and fishing. He is one of the hunters that fill upp our meat fridge with wild ducks and deer for example.

Albina Almgren


Albina Almgren, 35 years old, is our manager and sommelier. She has moved to Stockholm from Norway. Travelling is what she enjoys the most apart from wine and food.

Johannes Nääf och Lukas Lindbom

Head of produce/Kitchen managers

Lukas Lindbom, 32 years old, and Johannes Nääf, 36 years old, are our raw product masters and head chefs at Lux Dag för Dag. They are daily in contact with our suppliers, hunters, fishermen, producers and farmers and makes sure we only get the best products!

When we get a hold of the best products of the season and the best products from our suppliers we decide the menu. Hence Lux Day by Day. Every day Henrik Norström with his team create a menu based on the products of the day. With a bright open dining room and moderate prices the ambition is that as many people as possible can experience the handicraft of Lux team.

-Our guests at Lux will experience Swedish produces at their very best. We serve plum when they are the juiciest, deer when hunting has been successful and fennel when it’s been just harvested. Our menu will vary from day to day and the courses will be presented in a simple but delicious way. The ambiance at Lux is familiar and generous and it is easy to just come by when you feel like it. I want it to be uncomplicated and joyful to visit Lux Dag för Dag, says Henrik Norström, Creative leader, Lux Dag för Dag.

A main course during dinner is approximately 225-355 kronor. There are also lots of starters, desserts and cheese on the menu.

-We want to share our talent and experience with more people in a simpler way even if our focus is still on products and Swedish flavors. Every morning we go through which products we have to create the best menu. Our base is Swedish flavors influenced by the whole world says Henrik Norström.