Christmas buffet


Herring and salmon
Boiled potato
Ripe cheese
Cured herring with whitefish roe
Cured herring with green chili, cress and lime
Mustard herring
Saffron herring with rosé pepper
Herring with sea buckthorn, cinnamon and dill
Herring with lime leaves, ginger and roasted sesame
Lemon- and timut pepper herring
Juniper berry, orange- and tarragon herring
Elderberry flower herring with fennel
Lux smoked rainbow salmon
Smoked salmon
Coriander cured salmon
Pickled cucumber
Mustard sauce with dill
Rapeseed oil mayonnaise
Sour cream, red onion and caper
Apple purée with horseradish
Mushroom bouillon with pickled mushroom and root vegetables

Egg course
Smoked saithe with baked egg, warm mayonnaise & rye bread crutons

Cold cuts: Sausages, tureen and pâté
Lux chicken liver pâté
Fallow deer steak with green pepper
Smoked fallow deer steak
Ham with spices and mustard
Wild boar sausage with green juniper berries
Celery salad with roasted walnuts
Pickled gherkin
Crispy cabbage salad with yuzu and sesame dressing
Red cabbage salad with orange and ginger
Green cabbage salad with horseradish, apple and kohl rabi
Pickled chanterelles

Meatballs, ham and Jansson’s temptation
Game meatballs
Christmas flavoured small sausages
Wild boar sausage with Jamaica pepper and coriander seeds
Red cabbage slaw with apple cider vinegar and grains of mustard seeds
Tenderly fried flitch of pork with star anise, honey & soya
Golden beets with capers, horseradish and browned butter
Oven baked Jansson’s temptation
Syrup roasted cabbage and butter cabbage bouillon
Rosemary roasted Jerusalem artichoke and apple
Green pepper roasted pumpkin with citronette
Lux mustard

Ripe cheese, bread and marmalade
Löfsta blå, blue cheese
Den Hvide damen, Unika
Creamy dill cheese, Unika

Lux fig marmalade
Fennel crisp bread
Rye bread
Rye sour dough bread

Chocolate, sweet rice and fruit
Chocolate cream with apricot and caramelized nuts
Vanilla flavoured rice with strawberries
Lux cheesecake with raspberry jam and whipped cream
Rhum caramelized pineapple with vanilla custard
White chocolate- and saffron truffle
Mint chocolate praline
Chocolate cake with roasted coconut
Ginger sponge cup cake with lingonberry frosting
Sticky toffee pudding with salt toffee sauce
Carrot marmalade with cinnamon sugar
Banana- and date cake with cardamom
Orange salad
Peppermint candy
Raspberry marschmallows

Suggested beverages:
Mulled wine
Christmas beer, 50 cl
Lux aquavit, 5 cl
A glass of white wine/red wine or one more Christmas beer
440 kr

Children 35 kr/year. From 13 years old full price.

The menu is subject to small changes before the first day of Christmas buffet…