The menu at Lux Dag för Dag is decided after the freshest products. We create our menu after the best locally produced products, from farm to table.

We have a close co-operation with many local, small producers, cultivators, farmers, fishermen and hunters who supply us with the best products or catch of the season. Our menu can therefore change from day to day and can also be altered during an evening.

We work almost solely with whole animals to be able to offer a variety and because we believe in sustainability.

We hope that you will enjoy your meal and our “from farm to table” philosophy at Lux Dag för Dag.

Menu dinner June 7

Marcona almonds 65
Green olives 55
Lux rooster liver paté on roasted sour dough bread 95
Fennel salami 95

Boiled green asparagus from Stenhuse farm with beurre blanc and ramson oil 175
Tataki of reindeer from Soukolojärvi with juniper emulsion, fir and roasted black pepper 255
Ceviche of pike-perch from Ängsö with primeur carrots, shiso, coriander and ice plant 215
Fried perch from Ängsö with cured tomatoes, basil cream and ramson oil 195

Roasted spring lamb from Järinge with garden lettuce, Lux French fries and fresh herbs 335
Crispy and fried chicken from Hagby farm with browned butter mayonnaise, chard and cured lemon 275
Butter fried pike-perch from Ängsö with spring vegetables, tarragon oil, sauce vin jaune and Swedish caviar 355
Boiled white asparagus with chard, Lux French fries, chimi churri and browned butter mayonnaise 245

Sweet simmered white peach with raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries and wood sorrel 145
Fresh Swedish strawberries with vanilla ice cream, berry sauce and whipped cream 135
Chocolate mousse with coconut sorbet, coconut caramel and cocoa crisp 140
White cheese with rhubarb marmalade 95
Scoop of raspberry sorbet/vanilla ice cream/coconut sorbet 70
Lux chocolate praline 28

Today’s special June 7-9
Wed Spice roasted loin of pork with roasted carrot, yoghurt and mint
Thur Beef burger with thyme, tomato salad and green pepper sauce
Fri Roasted chicken leg BBQ with fennel slaw

Vegetarian dish of the week during lunch:
Creamy coco beans with fresh onion, tomato, pecorino and cress

Today’s special 165 kr (145 take away) and the vegetarian dish 170 kr (150 take away).

Tataki of reindeer on the menu

Wednesday April 19th, 2023 Blog

We are now serving a starter from our 20 year celebration menu:
Tataki of reindeer with juniper emulsion, fir and roasted black pepper
It’s a delicious and tender meat from Northern Sweden.

Easter buffet and Easter bag to go

Sunday April 2nd, 2023 Blog

Easter week! We serve lunch as usual Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday you can choose to eat our Easter buffet or today’s special or this weeks vegetarian dish. On Friday and Saturday you are welcome to our Easter buffet from 2 p.m. Have a happy Easter!!!

Don’t forget to order your Easter bag to go! Order under GIFT CARD on our website.

(Svenska) Tre-rättersmeny på fredag

Wednesday February 15th, 2023 Blog

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